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Your IT Business Accelerator in EMEA

NovoQuest was founded by a strong and experienced team of channel experts with core competencies in business development, marketing and sales, business process improvement, program development and implementation. With over 25 years of experience in the (early stage) software infrastructure, virtualization and cloud markets in EMEA, NovoQuest can be the virtual and personal team that supports you in accelerating your market penetration via business orientation, marketing excellence and channel development.


Our Philosophy

You are an emerging or growing IT/software technology vendor looking to build, accelerate or improve a sustainable business in Europe, Middle East and Africa. We are a service agency that can build or extend this for you through the unique offering of an experienced, knowledgeable and well known virtual team. We offer services, called 'Building Stones', which can be combined with each other to ensure a perfect fit with your needs. To make it even easier we created three categories of services to choose from: Business, Channel and Marketing. Every Building Stone within these categories can be combined for the best fit.


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We would love to discuss with you the optimal combination of our categories and Building Stones for your company!


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